Background and Coaching Experience

In the past I have been:

Silver Certified USA Bowling Coach.

Master Instructor for training YABA Coaches for Coaching Certification.

IPBSIA (International Bowling Pro Shops and Instructors Association) Technically Certified.

Board of Directors of IBPSIA.

Owned or operated a pro shop for many years.

Published The Coaching Eye Magazine for bowlers.

Published Pro Shop Notes Magazine for pro shop operators.

I am a retired Engineering Professor. I am knowledgable about the design and dynamics of bowling balls.

My highest season average so far is 241 (64 games - 2000-2001 Season).

But most importantly . . .

I love the sport of bowling.
I love to win.
I love to perform well.
I love to coach and see improvement in a student's performance.
I still learn something about the game each time I bowl.
Please let me help you improve your game. Every bowler, regardless of their average low or high, should strive to increase their average each year.

If you miss one less 10 pin each night that you bowl, you improve your average by at least 3 pins.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by Email at:

John R. O'Dell