Team Coaching Sessions:

Cost: $30 for a 3 person team, $35 for a 4 person team, $40 for a 5 person team.

Each Team bowler being coached is videotaped, from which a DVD is produced.

Each team bowler gets a copy of the DVD coaching session.

It usually takes about an hour for a session.

Each Adult coaching session includes the following:
1 - Check the bowling ball for proper fit.
2 - Check the bowling shoes for proper fit.
3 - There is a short review period of previous coaching sessions.
4 - There is a short examination of the knowledge of the bowler pertaining to the lane definitions and alignment procedures.
5 - The bowler is given a short warm up period of rolling the ball for a strike and the corner pins.
6 - The bowler is praised for the good performance characteristics that they have.
7 - The bowler is encouraged to improve on one or two performance skills.
8 - There is a short review of what the bowler does well and what they need to work on.
9 - There is a short question and answer period summarizing the session.

If you are interested, please contact me at:
John R. O'Dell

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