Vacation Invitational Mixed League - RULES 2009 – 2010

PRESIDENT : Ralph Pizzi
(Also a Back-up sec/treas when both the sec/treas and asst sec/treas are absent)

VICE-PRES : Linda Gray
(Acts as the President when the president is absent).

SEC/TREAS (USBC=Secretary): John O’Dell
Primary responsibility for managing the league.

Assistant Sec/Treas (USBC=Treasurer): Kitty Santistevan
Acts as Secretary Treasurer when the Secretary/Treasurer is absent.

SGT/ARMS: Charles Roach
Acts as the primary mediator when a disagreement occurs. Also helps to enforce the Profanity rule.

Rule A
Have Fun.

Rule B
The league rules are established at the League Rules Meeting prior to the start of the league in the Fall. A majority vote of the league members present is required to create, edit or delete a rule.

Rule C
All contested elections (more than one person running for an office) shall be by paper ballot. The tabulation shall be verified by all league officers present (at least two league officers).

Rule D
A Secret Paper Ballot Vote is to be held at each League Rules Meeting to determine if any bowler in not to be invited back into the league. You must be a member of the league from the last season and in good financial standing with the league. A simple majority of the members present is enough to Un-invite a member from last season. It doesn’t matter if the member to be Un-invited is present at the meeting.

The ballots will be counted and checked by two different league officers and the Secretary. Only those above league officers will know if any members are un-invited. No Un-invited names will be announced at the League Rules Meeting. This is all a Secret Ballot. The ballots will be kept for one year and then destroyed.

If and when a member from last season is Un-invited, the League Secretary has the task of notifying that member before the start of the league.

1 - General
1 This league will consist of 10 teams.

2 Handicap will be based on 90% of the team average difference.

3 League will use a 4 pt win system, with a split season.

4 First and second half winners will have an overall roll-off for first place on sweeper night.

5 All roll-offs (1st half, 2nd half and league championship are based on a 3 pt win system. (Total Pins doesn’t count in the roll-off). If there is a tie in the 1st or 2nd half the 3 pt roll-off will not be the same night as the tie occurs. For a tie at the end of the 1st half the roll-off must be completed within 2 weeks of bowling. For a tie at the end of the 2nd half the roll-off must be completed before the next week of bowling

6 If a tie in the league championship occurs the championship is determined by total pins handicap.

2 - Legal Team Mix
A 4 to 1, 3 to 2 and 2 to 3 are legal (men to women, women to men).

3 – Dates
League bowling will begin Friday, Aug 28th at 6:30 p.m. (shadow begins at 6:20).
The League Schedule is as follows:

Bowling dates:

1 Aug 28

2 Sept 4
No Bowling Sept 11th (Cal State Masters)
3 Sept 18
4 Sept 25

5 Oct 2
6 Oct 9
7 Oct 16
8 Oct 23 (Position Round #1)
9 Oct 30

10 Nov 6
11 Nov 13
12 Nov 20
No Bowling the day after Thanksgiving Nov 27th

13 Dec 4
14 Dec 11
15 Dec 18
Dec 25 No Bowling

Jan 1st No Bowling
16 Jan 8
17 Jan 15 (Position Round #2) (End of 1st Half)
18 Jan 22
19 Jan 29

20 Feb 5
21 Feb 12
22 Feb 19
23 Feb 26

24 Mar 5
25 Mar 12 Last two weeks are due by this date (March 12th )
26 Mar 19 (Position Round #3)
27 Mar 26

28 Apr 2
29 Apr 9
30 Apr 16
31 Apr 23
32 Apr 30

33 May 7 (Position Round #4) (End of the 2nd Half)
34 May 14 Roll-Off and Sweeper

4 - Time and Start of League Each Week
1 Teams must be ready to bowl at the scheduled time, when the first bowler on the opposing team has bowled the first ball of the first frame or the forfeit game or games. (USBC Rule 109c A team that refuses to bowl with less than a full lineup forfeits any games it declines to bowl – i.e. Everyone must start bowling at the assigned time. If a team refuses to start, they forfeit the game). This means that a team may not try a delaying action so that a team member can show up late and still bowl to make a legal lineup.

2 A determined forfeit is to be brought to the League President immediately and they will put it on the books.

3 Legal lineup is two (2) bowlers and must be present and ready to bowl to complete the first frame. (USBC Rule 109a)

4 Tardy bowlers will be allowed to bowl if they are present by the end of the 3rd frame, providing the anchor person of the opposing team has not bowled.

5 All bowlers must be off the lanes by 9:15 p.m. unless there is a mechanical failure

6 When a game is declared forfeited, the team present must bowl the games for that session.

7 When a team fails to have a minimum legal line-up, the opposing team must bowl within 50 pins of their current average in order to win points by forfeiture.

8 Points not won for failing to bowl the prescribed score will not be credited to either team. (That means you must bowl at least your team average-50 pins to win a game point and that you must bowl at least 3*team average-150 to get the total pins point).

5 - Bowling Fees and Payments
1 Bowling Fees: $20.00 per bowler, per week, distributed as follows: ($10.75 lineage estimate– any increase will decrease the misc fund by the same amount as the increase in league fees), .50 sec/treas (USBC=League Secretary), .20 asst sec/treas (USBC=League Treasurer) $1.25 prize fund, .05 misc. fund, $7.25 trip fee.

2 Miscellaneous Fees are for miscellaneous expenses incurred by the league and the work of the Secretary-Treasurer and Assistant Sec/Treasurer. Any excess Miscellaneous Fees left after all miscellaneous expenses are paid are to be added to the Sweeper Awards Fund at the end of the League season

3 No Bills higher than $20 are allowed as payment in the league pouch.

6 – Bank Accounts
1 All league fees will be deposited in a recognized financial institution (Wells Fargo Bank). The bank account status should be verified by the league president pursuant to the USBC rules.

2 All withdrawals shall be signed by two (2) of the four (5) signatures that are on file at the bank (president, vice-president, sec/treas, asst sec/treas, sgt/arms, (USBC Rule 102f).

4 Account is an interest paying checking account.

5 When the bank account totals sufficiently enough to transfer a portion of the funds to a higher interest paying Liquidity CD, it should be done as soon as possible.

6 (Unless otherwise requested by the League Secretary), all weekly checks for fees to be made out to PACIFIC AVENUE BOWL

7 – Last 2 Weeks Bowling Fees Pre-Payment
1 Last two weeks (33rd and 34th week) must be paid by the first Friday in March (Mar 12th).

2 If this money is not in the secretary's hands by the first Friday in March (Mar 12th) all games will be forfeited by the team until money is paid. (This will be enforced)

3 If a bowler is a member of a team and does not bowl the Sweeper on the 34th week, the bowler that paid the sweeper fee gets the bowling fee money only (estimated at $10.75 this year) returned to them.

4 If a bowler quits the league with approval of the (President or Secretary/Treasurer) before April 16th and has paid the “Last 2 Weeks” fee, they get the full amount ($40) back. The replacement bowler then, if any is obtained, is responsible for the last two weeks fee ($40) payment. If the replacement bowler starts immediately after the member quits, the quitting member does not pay for two additional weeks but does get the last two weeks payment back if the quitting member has already paid the last two weeks. If the replacement bowler starts after March 12th , that replacement bowler must pay the sweeper night fee by the second night that they bowl. The sweeper is not guaranteed to the bowl.

5 If a bowler quits the league after April 16th , only the bowling fees are returned to the bowler ($10.75 for week 33 and/or $10.75 for week 34)


8 – Raffle
50/50 Raffle funds will be collected for:
1 Support Youth Bowling ($1.00 per bowler). Lump sum will be given to Pacific Avenue Bowl YABA.

2 League will support BVL 100% ($1 .00 per bowler).

3 Excess Raffle money available after the above are paid is added to the Sweeper Award Fund.

4 The person (The Raffle Ticketeer) doing the raffle is allowed one free raffle ticket. The free raffle ticket is held by one of the league officers while the raffle drawing is being conducted.

9 – First Night Averages
1 All bowlers shall establish an average the first night (normally 3 games).

2 If a new bowler establishing an average only completes 1 or 2 games and due to injury or other reason has to quit, the league beginning average shall be computed on the games actually bowled that night.

3 If a new bowler establishing an average starts late and is only able to bowl 1 or 2 games, the league beginning average shall be computed on the games actually bowled that night. The average used for the initial games before the new bowler starts to bowl shall be the league blind bowler score.

10 - Pacers
Not Allowed

11 - Substitutes
Not Allowed.

12 - Individual Awards and Qualification
1 A member must bowl 2/3 of the league season to qualify for Individual Awards.

2 An individual may win one (1) of these awards.

3 High Series will take preference over High Game, High Scratch over High Handicap.

4 Most Improved bowler will be calculated from the 21st game.

5 Individual awards handicap will be based on 90% of 240

6 Individual awards may be given to members that have bowled at least 2/3rds of the league but have had to quit the league for a legitimate reason approved by a majority board vote.

13 - Prize Fund and Point Money Distribution
1 The entire amount of the Prize Fund will be awarded in cash or check.

2 Prize money will be awarded to each team according to their win points (1/2 point wins will be awarded as a full win) at the end of the season

3 Point money will not be awarded to a vacancy on a team. That portion of the point money will be added to the Sweeper money available.

4 Money will be awarded to men and women for Individual Awards.

5 Ties for any of these individual awards will be awarded to both members in full.

6 1st and 2nd place Team special awards of
$50 ($10 for each non-vacancy member) for first place and
$25 ($5 for each non-vacancy member) for second place.

7 1st and 2nd place Team special award money will not be awarded to a vacancy on either team. That money will be added to the Sweeper money available.

14 – Postponements and/or (Post Bowl)
Requests for postponements must be made to the league secretary or acting secretary for the week that needs to be postponed, prior to the scheduled match at least 24 hours before the match unless it is deemed an emergency situation by the league secretary. If there is an email request for postponement and it is not an emergency, it must have a time stamp on it on or before 6:30 PM the day before the scheduled bowling.

Only one emergency postponement is allowed during the league in writing or by email or telephone call to the Bowl or to any VIM league officer. The time of the postponement request must be before the first ball is rolled by the opposing team.

Once the opposing team rolls the first ball, the team without an official lineup forfeits the first game and the match can no longer be postponed. If an official lineup is available for the second game before the opposing teams rolls the first ball of the 2nd game then the team is allowed to bowl and it counts. The same rule applies for the 3rd game.

1 If the team captains affected cannot agree on a date and time, the requesting team may request a post-bowl date and time for their team and the opposing team bowls at the scheduled time for the league.

2 Teams who postpone a match must bowl the make-up within 3 weeks past the date of the scheduled match, or by the 16th or 33rd week, whichever comes first

3 The Requesting Team is charged $1.00 per bowler for the Postponement arrangements due at the time of bowling. The fee is added to the Miscellaneous Fund

4 Teams are allowed 2 Post-Bowls per league year.

15 – Pre-Bowl
1 Requests for Pre-Bowl must be made to the league secretary at least 2 weeks prior to scheduled match in writing or by email

2 The Requesting Team is charged $1.00 per bowler for the Pre-Bowl arrangements due at the time of scheduling the pre-bowl. The fee is added to the Miscellaneous fund.

3 Teams are allowed 2 Pre-Bowls per league year.

16 - Absent Bowlers
1 When a bowler with an established average is absent, their average is used as long as the league payments due that week are paid at least by the following week.
2 If you know that you are going to be gone, you need to pay in advance or get an agreement with the secretary/treasurer.

17 - Absent more than 2 weeks
1 Member who is unpaid for 2 weeks will be dropped by the league on the 3rd week (before bowling begins on 3rd week).

2 Vacancy score of 150 will be used for 3rd week unless team has a new bowler replacement.

3 Member that is absent is responsible for 2 weeks of full fees ($20 per night) if they do not return to the league. If a member does not pay for the two weeks, charges will be filed through USBC for non-fee payment.

18 – Injury, Operation and other Extended Absences
1 In certain cases when there is cause for a lengthy absence from the league (injury, operation, temporary job reassignment or any valid reason approved by (two league officers), (the sec/treas) or the asst league sec/treas and at least one other league officer) in advance, a bowler may temporarily quit the league and be replaced by a vacancy score while they are gone.

2 When and if a bowler returns, that bowler must get caught up with all funding including (Prize Fund and Trip Fees only).

3 Extended absence notification are due two weeks in advance (the league bowler is responsible for all fees ($20) for two weeks following the notification in writing or by email or telephone call to any VIM League Officer).

4 The team has the option of replacing a bowler on an extended absence and the absentee bowler does not have to agree to it. If a bowler on an extended absence is replaced by the team, that new bowler begins their Trip Fund that first night. They only pay $20 for the first night they bowl plus USBC card if needed). In this case the original bowler cannot come back to the team but with approval of the VIM Board of Directors come back on another team.

19 – New Bowler Starting after the beginning of the League
If a bowler replaces a vacancy on a team after the league starts, that new bowler begins their Trip Fund that first night. They only pay $20 for the first night they bowl plus USBC card if needed.

20 – New Bowler Replacing a League Member after the beginning of the League
If a bowler replaces a league member on a team after the league starts, the Trip Fees only for the bowler leaving the league are totally refunded to the bowler leaving the league.

21 – Point Money for Team Member Leaving the Team
At the end of the league the Team is awarded Point Money for their participation in the league and has been replaced by a new bowler. It is up to the Team to allocate a portion of the team winnings Point money for the percentage of the weeks that the bowler replaced actually contributed to the winnings of the team.

22 - Vacancy Score
Vacancy score is 150, man or woman.

23- Team Bowler Assigned Spot on a Team
Until a bowler actually bowls on a team a vacancy score is used for the spot on the team assigned to that bowler.

24 – Sweeper (USBC Sanctioned Individual Tournament on the 34th week of the League)
1 Sweeper is a Sanctioned USBC Tournament on the 34th week of the League with 2 separate divisions Men and Women

2 Sweeper will be not be guaranteed to the establishment

3 Sweeper is 3 games bowled with handicap based 90% of high average in the league.

4 The Sweeper is an Individual Awards Sweeper.

25 - Sanction Cards
1 Sanction cards must be purchased the first week of the season or the bowler will not be considered a member of the league.

2 Sanction cards must be filled out by each bowler regardless of their bowling in another league already.

3 The cost of the cards is: USBC Men $18.00 USBC Women $17.

4 Lost cards will be charged $2.50 replacement fee.

5 This league and the Sweeper will be sanctioned.

26 - Team Captain Responsibility
1 Team captains are responsible for collecting bowling fees and giving Team Pouch to league secretary by the end of the 5th frame of the FIRST GAME.

2 Secretary and team captains must verify the amount contained in the pay envelope, or the secretary may refuse payment and the team held liable.

27 - Delegate Dinner
1 The delegate will be the Secretary of this league, provided this officer is a member of USBC.

2 If this officer is not a member of USBC, the Board of Directors will decide who the delegate will be.

3 This years’ delegate will be _John O’Dell.

28 - Children and Visitors
1 No children or guests will be allowed in the seating area assigned to the bowlers.

2 Bowler area is defined as the bowlers seating area forward.

3 Visitors must be sitting in the concourse area. The counters and setee area directly behind the scoring device are reserved for the bowlers but visitors may sit in the area if approved by both team captains.
4 If a complaint is lodged against a team, the officers of the league will give verbal warning.

5 If a second complaint is received during the same match, the team in question will forfeit the game they are currently bowling

6 Adults should supervise any children they bring to the bowl.

7 Children are not allowed to run in the bowl.

29 - Ties at the end of the League
1 In the event of a tie for any position, the money will be added together and divided equally.

2 However, when a tie occurs for 1st Place, the teams will bowl a playoff of one (1) game after league session if lanes are available, on the 16th and 33rd week (due to split season).

3 The winners of the 1st and 2nd halves will bowl each other on sweeper night to determine who will receive championship.

4 If still tied after one (1) game roll-off, a sudden death one (1) frame roll-off will be bowled until the tie is broken.

30 - No Pay-No Bowl
If a bowler doesn't pay, they don't bowl. No exceptions unless covered by a previous rule (Rule 17).

31 - Bowling Out
Bowling out is not permitted.

32 - New Bowlers Near End of the League
No new bowlers are allowed the last three (3) weeks. (i.e. after the 3rd game on week#31 Apr 11th is complete for a team, that team cannot add a new bowler either replacing a bowler or a vacancy).

34 - Profanity
Profanity will not be tolerated in this league.
1 Warning by a team or bowler first and let the Sargent-at-Arms know.

2 Two league members who have heard profanity, will report to the league president.

3 If the president becomes involved, the bowler reported using profanity may be given "0" for that frame of his current game (frame declared by president).

35 - Number of Bowling Balls on Ball rack
1 Each bowler is allowed only one at a time on the top ball return rack

2 An additional ball may be placed on the bottom ball return rack.

3 Any additional bowling balls must be placed on ball cups away from the ball return in safe location (not interfering with the normal walking path to the approach area).

36– Prize Fund
1 All distribution of finances are covered by the attached Financial Distribution Guide.

2 The Secretary-Treasurer (USBC=Secretary)and Assistant Secretary Treasurer (USBC=Treasurer) are required to follow the Guide as much as is possible.

4 The Financial Guide is an estimate. Any major change deviating from the Financial Guide requires majority approval of the Board of Directors of the league.

5 Trip Fees collected are totally refundable to the bowlers that actually paid the Trip Fees except for any pre-paid deposits that are imposed by a Trip Site Vacation that is selected.

6 Prize Fund Fees collected pay for the Point Money, Individual Awards and Individual Sweeper Awards.

7 Excess Miscellaneous fees collected are to be added to the Sweeper Awards Fund for increasing Individual Awards.

37 – Trip Fees Detailed Explanation
The whole concept for the league is to bowl together and go on a vacation at the end of the league, preferably together as one group.

The Trip Fees are always the property of the bowler saving the trip fee money. The league acts as a banker for accumulating the Trip Fees for a vacation that the member desires to take.

The league must decide as a group when and where the league vacation should be taken by majority vote of all of the league members. Members may choose to join the group taking the chosen vacation or not. No member is required to go on the chosen vacation but as a group the vacation is planned for the group. Any member may go on a different vacation. If that is true the full amount of the Trip Fees is returned to the bowler Sweeper night.

Members that choose to go on the chosen vacation destination may make their own reservations. If that is the case, the entire Trip Fees are returned to that member on Sweeper night.

Members may choose to have the Secretary/Treasurer make the reservations. If that is so, the deposit for the reservation may not be refundable (example some hotels and cruise lines do not refund after a certain date). Any reservation that requires a deposit imposes a non-refundable rule on that portion of the member Trip Fees collected. The Secretary Treasurer will always try to get a refund if this case arises.

When a member quits the league, that member gets a full refund of the Trip Fees collected to that date and pays only $12.75 for the required two weeks. (Only the Trip Fees are not paid).

38 - Default Rules
The Board of Directors will be the league officers and team captains and shall decide all conditions not covered in these rules, using USBC Playing Rules as a guide.

39 – New Bowlers and Teams
1 Individual teams may select new bowlers to be on their teams

2 New Teams added to the league after the start of the league are required to be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors of the League.