Youth Coaching Sessions:

Cost: $20 per session with a single Youth bowler ($5 for each additional Youth bowler).
In a Youth coaching session, only Youth bowlers are coached.
No adults are coached during a Youth coaching session.
No DVD is produced for Youth bowlers.
It usually takes about a half an hour for a session.

Each Youth coaching session includes the following:

1 - Check the bowling ball for proper fit.
2 - Check the bowling shoes for proper fit.
3 - There is a short review period of previous coaching sessions.
4 - There is a short examination of the knowledge of the Youth pertaining to the lane definitions and alignment procedures.
5 - The Youth is given a short warm up period of rolling the ball for a strike and the corner pins.
6 - The Youth is praised for the good performance characteristics that they have.
7 - The Youth is encouraged to improve on one or two performance skills.
8 - There is a short review of what the bowler does well and what they need to work on.
9 - There is a short question and answer period summarizing the session.

I have trained many many adults to coach Youth bowlers and coached hundreds of youth bowlers.

Youth bowlers have the most potential and the most hunger for bowling better.

I do encourage that a Parent always be present. Usually a Youth bowler needs constant encouragement while learning the proper and safe way to roll the ball. If a Parent is present while the coaching session is proceeding, that Parent will understand what to help the Youth bowler with between coaching sessions.

If you are interested, please contact me at:
John R. O'Dell

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